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I call this one “the prelude”. I swear in life it’s been way better to be lucky then good. In our house everyone that knows @sarah_ruthj and I, knows who has the diving talent. But....when it comes to hunting that’s a different story. This particular day sarah was doing one of her zen like mermaid dives and a monster female hog swam up to check her out, unfortunately the hog met her @headhunterspearfish polespear. Me being the spectator from the surface watched all this take place and knowing a female hog like this would not be alone. I dove down backtracking where she had just speared her fish. I laid on the bottom and in no time out came her big boyfriend which quickly met my polespear. In short, Sarah did all the work and I shot the biggest fish! Now this family fish story will hang on the wall forever.

 Prelude will only be available on canvas, and there will only be 25 editions made. 

We can build a custom frame to match your exact needs! All prints will be hand embellished, signed and then numbered by KC. 

*If you have any questions regarding custom sizing or framing please email us at or 561-619-8945.

 *Original Sold

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