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Marlin Magazine Cover (2017 August-September Issue)


Well finally it is here! "Where's the Pitch" is Marlin Magazine's 2017 (@marlinmag) Aug/Sept Cover! Blue Marlin are an addiction, they have mesmerized me for my entire life. I've fished and dove with these amazing creatures. I've spent countless hours studying them. To be able to share my passion and addiction of this fish on the cover of the greatest sport fishing magazine in the world is beyond an honor! "Where's the pitch" is inspired from that moment when she shows up. The capt is yelling from the bridge and all you can see from the cockpit is the iridescent glow of her peck fins. Her body is black as night, water camo at its finest. Her vertical stripes come and go as fast her pursuit of the dredge. As the angler on the pitch, this is game time all you have to do is the simple task of dropping the pitch bait to her and not fumble the bite. But under this pressure you probably forget your own name. That's what "Where's the Pitch" is about, chaos, camo, and pressure! - K.C. Scott 

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