Covered Up


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Imagine the ocean teaming with spotted porpoise breaking the surface in every direction. You power the boat in front of the racing pod and jump over the rails and dead in front of these porpoise. They cover the water column from the surface to as far down as you can see. As quick as they come, they are gone. You make a dive as deep as you can and immediately are surrounded by 80 to 200 pound Yellowfin tuna. The fish in your immediate sight line act hesitant as they drift away from you. As you turn the inquisitive fish in the school charge right up to you as if you could reach out and give them a back scratch. Like the porpoise they are trailing, they come and go in seconds. These encounters that I have experienced in central America are the inspiration behind my newest oil painting "Covered Up"

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Yellowfin Tuna Oil Painting

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